Maybe a passion for art is hereditary.  In my case I thin that is true.  At a very young age my grandmother began telling me stories about her grandfather, a famous artist from Paris.  These stories began to shape an early passion for art.
As an adult I studied graphic design at Art Center and for 30 years worked in the advertising field.  In 2008, I began experimenting with photographic lenses that would allow me to combine the aesthetics of my painting style with the immediacy of a photograph.
“By the Sea”  Portfolio
When I moved to Carmel-by-the-Sea I began to photograph the beach – it’s different moods, the walkers, the children, the families, and especially the dogs. It is an ongoing body of work called ”By the Sea”. The quality of light sets the mood for my images, which in turn evokes a sense of magic, delight and sometimes nostalgia. Because I am inspired by both Pictorialism in photography and Pointillism in painting, I strive to create the soft, hazy, and dreamlike effects found there.  I’d like the viewer to have a sense that they have opened a secret door into memories of times they have spent by the sea..  The sea is timeless, like our memories.
 “Prelude to a Story” Portfolio
I began researching the work of Edward Hopper after many described my “Prelude to a Story” portfolio as resembling an Edward Hopper painting.  The “feeling” was similar because the images evoke a distanced perspective on the world and each as an element of silence – much like Hoppers.  In their extreme simplification these impressionistic photographs are dreamlike, time-arrested images that feel like silent narratives.  Hopper described his own work as an emulation of the Impressionists.
I also discovered a fascinating historical link between Edward Hopper and me.  I learned that Hopper was friends with Winslow Homer, and that Winslow Homer knew my great-grandfather, a painter named Frederick Rondel; the artist from Paris.  Rondel became a well-known painter after immigrating to NYC from Paris and has been documented as the only formal painting teacher to Winslow Homer.

An interesting circle - Frederick Rondel, Winslow Homer, Edward Hopper and me.